The Japanese Izakaya Restaurant You need to Visit In Brooklyn

The Japanese Izakaya Restaurant You need to Visit In Brooklyn

 Brooklyn, New York is home to some of the most unique and interesting restaurants in the world. From classic Italian trattorias to traditional Middle Eastern kebab restaurants, there is certainly something for everyone. But aside from the food, there are also some unexpected gems – like Japanese Izakaya restaurants – that many people aren't aware of

Japanese Izakaya restaurants are a type of informal eating and drinking establishment that originated in Japan. They are known for their lively atmosphere and a wide variety of small plates, or “tapas”-style dishes, that are meant to be shared among diners. Izakaya menus typically feature a mix of traditional Japanese dishes, such as sushi and tempura, as well as more modern fare, such as grilled meats and salads. Many Izakayas also offer a wide selection of sake, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. In recent years, Izakayas have become increasingly popular in the United States and other Western countries.

Izakaya restaurants are also described as casual Japanese gastropubs that serve up small plates of food to be shared in a relaxed setting. These are common throughout Japan and many diners look forward to spending an evening with friends sharing snacks and drinks in a cozy atmosphere. While traditional ryokans or traditional Japanese inns serve different food, Izakaya restaurants are more focused on sharing plates. In Brooklyn, there are a few select Izakaya places, with unique offerings and interesting atmospheres to be explored.

Moku, a hip Izakaya located in South Williamsburg

Japanese Izakaya Restaurant

The first is Moku, a hip Izakaya located in South Williamsburg. Located conveniently near the heart of Brooklyn and the L train, Moku serves up a variety of Japanese delicacies including ramen, small plates of Japanese tapas, and creative cocktails. Owner Tomo Tanaka puts a creative spin on the traditional Izakaya experience and ensures that patrons come back for more. This is an ideal spot for a night out with friends or to grab a quick bite before or after a show at Brooklyn Bowl.

Shoya Japanese Restaurant

Shoya Japanese Restaurant is located in what some may consider the heart of Brooklyn, the Lower East Side. This Izakaya is a loved local gem among many of its residents. The menu features a wide selection of small plates such as salmon sushi, teriyaki shrimp, and classic tonkatsu ramen- all made with fresh ingredients. Finish your meal with some unique desserts such as mochi ice cream or mochi pancake wraps. Shoya is perfect for an intimate dinner out- the atmosphere is cozy and inviting, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the price is right.

Ebisu Sushi Bar

For a different take on the classic Izakaya experience, Ebisu Sushi Bar is the spot to hit. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, this upscale Izakaya offers a variety of dishes and unique cocktails. The menu includes a raw bar, sushi rolls and sashimi, small plates, and a selection of sake, beer, and wine. Along with providing their classic fare, Ebisu also serves up a rotating selection of non-traditional Japanese dishes and beverages. All the food is of high quality and the staff is attentive and eager to please.

MY Favorite Izakaya Restaurant is YUKA

Japanese Izakaya Restaurant In Brooklyn
japanese izakaya menu
Japanese Izakaya Restaurant In Brooklyn

One of the best-hidden gems in Brooklyn is the Japanese Izakaya restaurant named “Yuka”, located in the Bushwick neighborhood. This traditional Izakaya-style restaurant has been operating since 2015, offering a unique and authentic dining experience that you won’t soon forget.

If you’ve ever been curious about an Izakaya restaurant, now is the time to check out Yuka. It’s a casual dining spot where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves, with no reservations required. Once you arrive, an attentive and friendly staff will make sure that you’re taken care of.

Yuka’s traditional Japanese menu features a variety of small plates that are perfect for sharing with friends. Examples include salmon roe and tako (octopus) served on a bed of grated daikon salad, as well as yakitori chicken with shiso leaf and scallion. And of course, no Izakaya experience would be complete without sake or delicious Japanese craft beer to top it off.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even order the off-menu ‘omakase’ dishes, which will change seasonally. This means the team of chefs at Yuka can curate a special menu specifically for you, based on the freshest ingredients available.

Yuka has been visited and praised by some of the biggest names in the food industry, such as renowned chef David Chang and food writer Francis Lam. With its affordable prices, impeccable service and tasty dishes, it’s no wonder the restaurant has become such a popular spot.

So next time you’re in Brooklyn, be sure to check out Yuka’s Japanese Izakaya restaurant. It’s a unique experience that you won’t soon forget.

Conclusion  on Japanese Izakaya Restaurant In Brooklyn

If you're looking for a Japanese Izakaya experience in Brooklyn, there are a few spots to check out. From the creative takes on traditional cuisine at Yuka to the upscale Ebisu Sushi Bar, you're sure to find something that fits your tastes. No matter what you choose, you'll find an inviting atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly staff at any of these Brooklyn Izakaya restaurants.

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