What’s in our travel bag? | You need a Waterproof camera!

“Hey, let’s head down to the beach! I’d love to get some pictures of the water, it’s so blue!” said Jacquie. “There is no way that I am bringing my camera downwaterproof camera to the beach. I’ll get sand in it.” or “It’ll get soaked and I’ll be livid!” These thoughts were always on my mind when we first started vacationing more seriously. I loved looking over vacation photos but it always seemed like the best photos came from when my camera seemed the most vulnerable… That was, until we broke down and bought a waterproof camera.

Do I need one, really?

I think so, you might not, but here me out and be the judge yourself. First off, I don’t care about the brand or style you choose. That’s up to you entirely! What if I told you that you might actually save some money by getting a waterproof camera? Crazy, right? Waterproof camera’s come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The one we use is a basic point and shoot model that has fairly minimal features, but the benefit of not worrying for one single minute about damaging the thing has been the best. We’ve taken it jet skiing, cave diving, snorkelling, and have dropped it in the sand more times than I’d like to remember Jacquie asking me if I was sitting on the camera. So the first benefit of having a waterproof camera is the peace of mind of being able to take it wherever you might want a photo and not even for a moment worrying about damaging it. Not convinced? Check out these photos! All of them were taken with the waterproof camera shown here. Now, I might have had a few more pictures and video from the Cuban scuba experience if I had remembered to charge the rechargeable battery the night before. Globetrotter Travel Tip: Always make sure that the batteries are charged before you go to sleep each night. Make it a habit! 



Okay, so it won’t break…what else?

The camera not breaking easily is the biggest selling point of a waterproof camera, but there are a few others. One of them is the cool little floatable strap ours came with. Woo hoo a strap! big deal…right? Actually, yes. When I was in the water in St. Martaan and a giant gull was swooping in the water trying to catch fish, I yelled to Jacquie, “Huck me the camera, QUICK!” She pulled out her best Joe Montana, throwing me the camera and it plunked in the water a few steps in front of me, floating on the top. I grabbed it quickly  and I was able to snap this pic!

Magen's Bay beach, St. Martaan

Magen’s Bay beach, St. Martaan

This would not have happened without a waterproof camera, and the all so magical floaty strap!

wpcam strap

What if I’m not going on a gorilla spotting tour in the Congo?

We still bring our DSLR for high resolution pictures that we feel won’t damage the camera, but for those on an afternoon trek to who knows where, it’s an easy slip in the pocket, rugged wonder that is indispensable to us. The trade off with a waterproof camera an, say a DSLR is in the depth of field. If you are already using a point and shoot camera, that doesn’t have exchangeable lenses, you might even notice an improvement. You’ll have to be the judge there. My suggestion is to look at several different models and to ask around. Even in your own backyard an underwater camera can make ordinary photos fun. We’ve had it in the pool at a friends house and had just as much fun with it. Kids love seeing goofy pictures of themselves underwater where they feel mostly invisible. It’s a cute way to capture summer moments.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and Happy Globetrotting!