6 Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurant

10 of the World’s Best Floating Restaurants

Eating is human nature. Aside from physical satisfaction, there is something about eating that makes us fulfilled – perhaps, emotionally and psychologically. According to sources, eating outdoors offers several health benefits. Do you know that having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even simple snacks outdoors is a natural mood booster? It also helps improve concentration, keeps people active, and provides a more positive outlook in life. For sure, these things need no explaining to those who have experienced outdoor dining.

If lunch in the garden, at the park, or at the beach is beneficial enough; then, how much more is a lunch at the world’s best floating restaurants?

#1 Sea Palace, Amsterdam1 Sea Palace

Sea Palace, which serves authentic Cantonese cuisine, is the first floating restaurant across Europe.

#2 Rustar Dhow Floating Restaurant, Dubai2 Rustar Dhow

If we say ‘Dubai’, expect for everything to be grandiose than it is everywhere else in the globe. Rustar Dhow, the world’s largest and perhaps the most extravagant floating restaurant is a perfect example. It is so huge that it can carry a total of 400 guests/passengers at a time.

#3 Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong3 Jumbo Kingdom

This is another majestic floating restaurant that can be found in Asia. This restaurant, which had recently undergone a multi-million dollar refurbishment, also serves as one of Hong Kong’s theme parks on the sea. Aside from dining, guests will also enjoy shopping. Queen Elizabeth II has been here!

#4 Nusa Penida Island Floating Restaurant, Indonesia4 Nusa Penida Island Floating Restaurant

Think of sugary-white sand, cool sea breeze, deep, blue waters and deliciously-fresh sea foods…

#5 Tattershall Castle, London5 Tattershall Castle

PS Tattershall Castle played a big role as the first civil vessel to carry radar during the World War II. However after it was retired from service, it was transformed into a posh bar and restaurant.

#6 Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurant, Bohol, Philippines6 Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurant

Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded, may have devastated some parts of Bohol but it was not able to destruct the place’s divine beauty. Bohol is not only home to the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier, but also to the Loboc Floating Restaurant. As it cruises along the Loboc River, this restaurant serves food in buffet setting while folk dancers entertain guests.

#7 The Salt & Sill Restaurant & Hotel, Sweden7 The Salt & Sill Restaurant & Hotel

This first-class seafood restaurant in Klädesholmen also serves as a hotel with 23 elegantly-designed rooms.

#8 Petit Verdot at the Riviera on Vaal, South Africa8 Petit Verdot at the Riviera on Vaal

Only a 45-minute drive from Johannesburg, this floating restaurant promises of sumptuous food, first-rate service, and great ambience; may it be for a kiddy party, a grand wedding, or a simple yet romantic candlelight dinner.

#9 The Plastic Dining Room, Vancouver9 The Plastic Dining Room

Although the simplest of all other floating restaurants mentioned, this dining room which is moored at False Creek Yacht Club is the ‘greenest’. It sets sail on 1, 672 plastic bottles. Good food served at a restaurant with a cause, what is better than that?

#10 Restaurants of Cat Ba Bay, Vietnam10 Restaurants of Cat Ba Bay

Not one, but several floating restaurants. Meaning, not one, but several seafood houses!



All aboard? Let us know if you’ve tried any of these.

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