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A picture from our 2013 Caribbean Cruise

A picture from our 2013 Caribbean Cruise

We are so happy that you’ve found us. We have both been travelling all over the world for most of our lives. Actually, we both began our relationship while travelling! Having recently moved back to be closer to home (a 5 day cross canada camping adventure) …the travel itch began. How could we escape a Canadian winter cheaply? Are there areas we haven’t explored in our own backyard? Will we ever get back to Asia, the Carribean, or Europe? During these conversations we realized that between the two of us, we really knew a good amount about travelling and have lots of stories and tips to share. Let’s introduce our two Globetrotters



IMG_2353Jacquie has seen a lot of things to be envious of. Having seen three (and a half) shuttle launches, from exploring all of Hawaii, combating sea sickness on cruises, nursing Casey’s stomach ache’s and finding cost effective ways to save money and travel better for longer, she is the go to person for budget travel. A major help while travelling has been Jacquie’s fluency in French and also near fluency in Spanish. Always eager to try something new and exciting, Jacquie is an amazing Globetrotter.




IMG_0745     Casey always wanted to get out of town. After moving away for University, Casey had enough of Canada and moved to South Korea. Teaching English in Seoul, Korea gave him much opportunity to meet many people from all over the globe and also the opportunity to travel most of Asia. Coming back to Canada in 2011, Casey moved to Alberta and with Jacquie, travelled most of the western hemisphere. Working in an occupational health and safety environment, and now for a private security firm, Casey is able to add perspective on how to avoid some of the pitfalls and adventures of being a globetrotter.



We look forward to having special guest writers to interview on topics of interest. There are many things to talk about, so make sure to check back often.


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