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What’s in our travel bag? | Universal All In One International Travel Power Plug Adapter

Travel Adaptor 2It has been the case some times that we have been ‘all dressed up and no place to go with our electronics. Nothing can compare with good planning, but travel,   as you may well know, can throw you a curve ball at any moment. A few times, that has been with a random outlet that just so happens to be the only outlet in the room. Well, the Globetrotter Travel Tip for this sort of event is Never forget a Universal All In One International Travel Power Plug Adapter! Try saying that five times fast…

What is it?

Universal All In One International Travel Power Plug Adapter, from here on referred to as a ‘Travel Adapter’ is an electronic gadget that you can plug any of your current electronic necessities (toothbrush, hair dryer/curler, battery charger, computer, etc.) into regardless of the country you are in. If this doesn’t sound interesting, you may have never felt the gripping horror of being literally powerless. I couldn’t help myself.Travel Adaptor 3

Do I really need it?

If you want to have power for any sort of devices, this is a definitive yes. Remember, that voltages also are different in many countries and that even if your plug
fits, the power coming through may be far stronger or weaker to power your device… Never let fireworks ensue. That’s bad form. There are other benefits, aside from merely being able to adapt to the outlet in more than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs. I know that for me, my computer or smartphone is indispensable and that if this was damaged by a power surge in, say the ‘creative’ wiring in a Beijing hostel, I might lose my mind. Power surges can happen in many countries based on their system, or even in storm conditions. That’s why you will want to choose a Travel Adapter with surge protection. This will protect your valuable electronic appliance from spikes and surges. Some models even have a device which provides a child protection safety shutter so that young children do not have access to endanger themselves.

What about when I’m home from travelling?Travel Adaptor 1

I have found the Travel Adapter useful even in my own life back home. Many visitors who come to stay with us may have forgotten that their electric razor doesn’t work in a Canadian plug. Travel adapter to the rescue! Perhaps there is a device or lamp that you really loved in another country, but it only had a European type plug. You can now run this in your own home.

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-Happy Globetrotting!