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Uniquely Amazing Travel Gadgets (Part I)

Let’s face it; each one of us has that innate desire to travel, discover beautiful places, and experience great things the world has to offer. However sometimes, instead of being enjoyable, traveling becomes a headache. It is a common scenario for people to place too many things inside their luggage but leave the most important ones at home.

This site was built in order to give jet setters, like you, comfort and ease when journeying. In line with this goal, we have decided to write an article that discusses unique and useful gadgets you can use every time you are miles away from your comfort zone.

Pocket-Sized Washing Machine

This innovation will allow any traveler to achieve fast machine-quality wash without actually dealing with a heavy washing Pocket-Sized Washing Machinemachine and using a lot of water.

How to Use:

  1. Fill the wash bag with water.
  2. Add liquid soap and your dirty clothes.
  3. Roll the top of the bag four to five times. Squeeze to expel air inside the bag.
  4. Lay against a board or any flat surface. Rub for few seconds for a quick wash or up to three minutes for thorough cleaning.
  5. Rinse clothes by taking out the soapy water and replacing it with clean one.
  6. Take out clothes and hang them to dry.

Price: $55

Credit Card Folding Utility KnifeCredit Card Folding Utility Knife

If you do not go for an adventure, then your life becomes boring. However, if you go for an adventure unprepared, then you are like a soldier without a gun in a battle. This product, which is made of ultra light polypropylene, is an ideal survival tool when camping or hiking. It is only 2.2 mm thin and weighs 13 grams. So light you will not notice it is in your wallet.

Price: $19.99

Singing SuitcaseSinging Suitcase

Do you know that something that can be used as a suitcase, a portable seat, and a jam box do exist? This multi-purpose suitcase, whose height and sitting area are adjustable, will certainly change the way you travel. Even if you are sitting on it, this is strong enough to protect your laptop and other versatile objects inside the bag. The company behind this product is Travelteq, one of the leading producers of intelligent travel gear.

Price: €495 (Yes, more than $500! Quite classy, yet its functions justify its price.)


Watch out for more uniquely amazing travel gadgets we will feature soon!

 – Happy Globetrotting