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Staycation Tips | Treasure Hunting

When we are looking to go on a little vacation or to pick up something special, we might be looking for ourselves. A Globetrotter knows that the feeling from a gift given is far more enjoyable than a gift received. It lasts much longer. So today, it’s time to go treasure hunting! Whether you are going on a longer trip, or even out for lunch, I’d like you to try this Globetrotter Staycation Tip…Oranges

Go out on an adventure and collect three special items from near or far and bring them to someone who you haven’t seen in some time or that needs a boost.

These items could cost very little or nothing at all. Remember, it’s the thought that is important. Food is a great item to bring because it might be a special treat or delicacy, is thoughtful, and can be shared. The items could be from your own house, from around town, or from far away. The time and fun that you will have by thinking of things the person might like and then trying to find things that fit that description is half the fun! Take someone with you and make it even more fun, take pictures if you want, and these can be shared with the person after.

The important thing is that it is meaningful both to you and the person you are giving to. In a ‘me first’ type of society, doesn’t it feel good to put someone else first for a change? So the next chance you have, think of someone you know, and choose three things that remind you of them. You will be amazed at the joy that even a simple gesture like this can bring, and the explanation of why you chose each item will be like you are taking that person on a small vacation themselves!