Travelling to Korea with VR

As many of you might know, I am crazy about virtual reality. If you are having a conversation with me, I’d imagine at about the five minute mark that I’ll start rattling off about how Oculus is going to change the world and how VR is going to be as important in the next decade as the internet was in the 90s. Previously I had written the article How Will VR Technology Impact Travel? in early September, 2014. This was before the landmark release that Samsung, partnered with Oculus would be releasing ‘Gear VR’, a headset which you would place a smartphone into and run your virtual software. We were moving faster than I had anticipated! It’s now December 2014 and we are seeing some incredible content. I came across an amazing video I’d like to share with you. A virtual experience of Gyungju, the Ancient capital city of the Korean peninsular has been created so that you can visit the remains and treasures in Gyungju from wherever you might be. Let’s have a look.



Having lived in Korea for two years, I am really excited to be able to ‘travel back’ without having to fly the over 14 hour pacific flight. This technology will be revolutionary and we are only seeing the beginning. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

-Happy Globetrotting