Flying with a Furry Buddy: Traveling with Pets

Important Considerations when Traveling with Pets

According to the Air Transport Association, pets can travel safely aboard a commercial flight. But the question is: is your pet fit to fly? If yes, then does the airline you are flying with allow your pet on-board? If it does, then is it better to have your pet in the passenger cabin or be checked-in instead? If traveling alone or with another human being already entails a big responsibility, then what more is flying with a cute, furry friend?

Is your pet in good condition to travel?Pic2

You, as the owner, can tell if your pet is feeling well or not. However, the best person to contact to make sure your pet is healthy enough to fly is the veterinarian. Aside from the vet’s go signal, he or she will also give you a pet health certificate that most airlines, if not all, would require. This certificate should be acquired at least seven to 10 days (no later than 21 days) before travel and should indicate the following:

√ Name and age of pet

√ Breed and color

√ Country of origin

√ Name, address, and contact information of the owner

In addition, pettravel.com states that, “The certificate should state that your pet is healthy and free of parasites. The certificate should show the vaccinations that your pet has been given including the type, the manufacturer, and the batch number if possible.”

What is the airline’s pet policy?

Airline policies differ; hence, it is important to call the customer service department or check the official website of your chosen airline to see what their policies are. Moreover, know that some leading airlines charge a higher pet fare while other airlines’ pet fare is more affordable. This means that if you are traveling on a budget, better check each airline’s pet policy first before actually booking a flight.

Pic3Passenger cabin or checked-in?

Pets can fly aboard a commercial plane in one of these three ways: in-cabin, checked baggage and manifest cargo in the hold. Most airlines, especially if your pet is small, allows your pet to be carried in the cabin. Aside from lesser pet fare, most travelers prefer in-cabin because they will have more supervision over their pet. Larger pets, on the other hand, need to be transported as checked baggage in the cargo hold. However, not all airlines allow pets to be transported as checked baggage.

If you want to fly conveniently with your dearest pet, then there are a lot of things to be considered. This good read “Flying with a Furry Buddy” does not end here. Soon, we will post a detailed article regarding airlines’ pet policy. So, stay tuned!

-Happy Globetrotting!