Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories and Enjoying a More Convenient Trip

The word accessory, by definition, is ‘a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful or versatile’. This signifies that an accessory is optional. However, when it comes to traveling, little travel accessories could mean ‘big’ in terms of ensuring utmost comfort, convenience, and security.

In the attempt to give you a smooth-sailing journey, we have come up with a list of essential travel accessories that you should NEVER fail to place inside your bag before heading to your destination. These accessories, although common, are often forgotten by a lot of travelers. And the worst thing is their value is often underrated.

Pic1For Comfort: Eye Mask and Travel Pillow

Traveling, because of the time difference especially when going to another country, could disrupt the normal sleeping pattern of an individual. To overcome possible sleep issues and promote a relaxing rest, the use of eye mask is recommended. According to studies, when the human brain senses pure darkness, it produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. The travel pillow, on the other hand, keeps the head and neck properly aligned to prevent neck strain particularly during long trips.

For Convenience: All-in-One Travel Charger and Power BankPic2

Smart phones are pocket-sized computers. Especially when you are in other parts of the globe, you certainly need your phone to text or call your family and office mates, check emails, Skype with boss, browse the web, etc. The more tasks you do on your phone, the faster it drains its battery. With this, you will need a power bank to top-up your device even if you are far from a wall outlet. Bringing an all-in-one travel charger is also recommended to avoid the frustration of bringing too many chargers for each of your devices.

By the way, for techie travelers out there, here’s a video you must watch:


For Security: Money Belt and Neck Wallet

Pic3Staying safe outside the comfort of your home is most of the time difficult to accomplish; although this depends on the destination. Regardless if you are only going to another state or flying to another country, securing your valuables such as your money, credit card, and passport should be among your top priorities.

A money belt is a light-weight, zippered fabric pouch that should be fastened around a person’s waist but should be under his or her pants/skirt while a neck wallet is worn like a necklace but should be under the shirt or blouse.

TIP: Before placing your cash, debit/credit card, driver’s license, valid ID’s, and passport inside the money belt or neck wallet, keep them dry and sweat-free by placing them inside a plastic sheath.

– Happy Globetrotting!