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All About Airports: Tips for Travelling To and/or From a Busy Airport

Think of travelling on a holiday from or to a huge airport. Or perhaps, even if it is not a holiday, simply think of flying from or to a busy airport. A busy airport has complex flight information display system (FIDS), dozens of flights per hour, and thousands of passengers a day. Can you imagine dealing with all these headaches? All of us certainly want a stress-free travel – from our doorsteps, to the taxi, to boarding, to the hotel, and up until our flight home. However, what can we do when there is really a need to travel to and/or from the busiest airports in the US such as ATL, LAX, and ORD? Let’s talk about some tried and true airport tips to get you on your way!

 Tip #1: Travel lightPic 2

Travel with only a few clothes and a maximum of three pairs of shoes. The lighter your baggage is, the better. And, the smaller your baggage, the easier and faster it is for you to pass security checks. If you ever have problems about packing your suitcase, then check out our previous article on How to properly Pack your Suitcase. It’s always best to have at least one set of clothes in your carry on in case there is any issue with your checked baggage, if you have any. This way you will never be stranded with the clothes you are wearing.

 Tip #2: Travel early

Do you know that most people do not book an early morning flight because they are afraid they might miss the plane? If you are always an early bird, then it is recommended that you book a flight as early as 5 or 6 AM. Aside from fewer lines, early morning flights are also cheaper as compared to flights between 9 AM to 5 PM.

Here’s the catch: 

  • Not all shops and restaurants at the airport operate 24 hours daily; most of them are closed when it is still too early in the morning. Hence, better have your breakfast at home or bring foods with you especially if you are flying with kids.
  • If you are renting a car, then call the car company a day before you travel and ask if they operate 24 hours a day. If they do not, then know where you can possibly drop off the vehicle.


Tip #3: Avoid travelling during Fridays and Sundays

Aside from being the ‘most expensive days’ (the days of the week with the most expensive rates), these days are also the busiest. If you do not want to brush shoulders with hundreds of other passengers, then it’s better fly on Monday or Tuesday.


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Tip #4: Avoid a connecting flight to another busy airport

This may cost more, however, its up to you to decide if it is worth the money for a little more peace of mind.

Tip #5: Travel prepared!

Why do most people miss their flight and lose the money they have paid because their ticket was non-refundable? Simply because they have not spent enough time to prepare! Especially when traveling to and/or from a busy airport, the preparation entails:

  • Carefully reviewing flight details.
  • Checking in online (24 hours before the flight) and printing boarding pass at home.
  • Packing luggage properly, making sure you are following the rules of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).
  • Sleeping early the night before the flight.
  • Going to the airport an hour before (for domestic flights) and at least two hours before for international flights.

Who says travelling from or to a busy airport can’t be fun and stress-free? Now,  fasten your seat belt and put your tray tables in an upright position!

 -Happy Globetrotting