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The 5 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Europe

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,” they say. Does this quote about travel apply all the time? What if you travel to an expensive city and stay at a luxurious hotel for a week or so? Do you think spending thousands of dollars per night will make you richer when you get back home? To feed our fancy imagination, I decided to write something about the most expensive hotel rooms. Eventually, I will feature lavish hotels in some other continents but I decided to write about Europe first given that it is the continent with the greatest number of tourists per year. And for the record, beautiful Europe is also home to the world’s most expensive countries. Let’s look at the 5 most expensive hotel rooms in Europe.

# 5: Villa la Cupola Suite (Westin Excelsior Hotel) in Rome, ItalyTop5 Villa la Cupola Suite (Room) Pic1 Top5 Villa la Cupola Suite (Terrace) Pic2

This room type (suite) is the largest allover Italy. It has a private elevator and a marble staircase, both leading to the upper floor of the suite. It also has a private eight-seater cinema, private fitness room, sauna, and Pompeian style Jacuzzi pool. By the way, this 12-meter high suite has seven terraces. Amazing, I know!

Average Daily Rate: $21, 900 – $23, 100

# 4: Sultan Suite (Çirağan Palace Kempinski) in Istanbul, TurkeyTop 4 Sultan Suite (Living Room) Pic1 Top 4 Sultan Suite (Master Bathroom) Pic2

The Sultan Suite is one of the largest suites across Europe. Imagine taking a bath in a bathroom with gold plated and crystal bathtub facets plus a 32-inch LCD TV. In addition to the grandiose bathroom, this suite also has a full kitchen with large dining table good for 12 guests. The maximum occupancy, however, is only four adults and one child.

Average Daily Rate: $27, 700

# 3: Royal Armleder Suite (Le Richemond Hotel) in Geneva, SwitzerlandTop 3 Royal Armleder Suite Pic1

On the seventh floor of Le Richemond Hotel is the Royal Armleder Suite, the third most expensive hotel room in all of Europe. This room can be transformed into one, two, or three bedroom suite that can accommodate up to nine guests. What can you expect in this 2, 475 square feet suite? Well, a personal writing desk with business-ready corner, a vanity sink, an open-plan living room with a fireplace, and the picturesque view of Lake Geneva in the garden terrace.

Average Daily Rate: $28, 900 – $29, 000

# 2: Royal Penthouse Suite (President Wilson Hotel) in Geneva, SwitzerlandTop 2 Royal Penthouse Suite (Living Room) Pic1 Top 2 Royal Penthouse Suite (Bath) Pic2

The Royal Penthouse Suite, measuring about 1, 700 square meters wide, is the largest suite in the world. It has 12 luxury rooms and each room has a marble bathroom. Furthermore, it has a billiard table, a private lift and a private gym. But what makes this room too expensive? I think it is the Steinway grand piano and the bulletproof glass windows!

Average Daily Rate: $62, 600 (

# 1: Royal Villa (Grand Resort Lagonissi) in Athens, GreeceTop 1 Royal Villa Pic1 Top 1 Royal Villa Pic2

Think of staying at a hotel room for a month and pay more than $1 million. According to, the Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens is the most expensive hotel room in Europe. Well, to justify the jaw-dropping rate that would surely cause a hole in someone’s pocket, the villa features two master bedrooms with king size beds, fireplace, fully equipped kitchen with grill, two private swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) that could be heated upon request, and a business center that is complete with office equipment such as laptop, fax machine, printer, scanner, and video phone. The villa also has a private wooden terrace with garden.

**DISCLAIMER: Just like any other hotels, the room rates of each of these hotels may vary depending upon dates and availability.

– Happy Globetrotting