5 Malaysia, Business Class

Ten of the Best Airlines in the World

Finding an excellent airline is extremely important whether you are travelling within or outside the country. There are many companies to choose from, but some continues to lead the industry. Discussed below are ten of the best airlines in the world according to Globetrotter Travel Tips.

10 Thai10th

The tenth spot goes to Thai Airways, which is known for their superb services. Even passengers in their economy seats receive services that are nothing short of impressive. The crews are consistently friendly and helpful.

9 Oman Air


Ninth place goes to Oman Air, which is currently expanding their facilities and services. Aside from friendly staffs, their seats are made for comfort. Considering the length of their trips, this is something that fliers would appreciate.

8 Lufthansa, Premium Economy


Lufthansa is the biggest airline in Europe, and the world’s eighth best airline. Hundreds of fliers give them consistently high scores because of their unwavering excellent services. Considering their cost-cutting in recent years, it is impressive they still perform well.

7 Korean Air


 Korean Air fleets are impeccably clean with adequate leg rooms. They made several management and service changes in the past decades. From one of the worst to one of the best, they soared high and landed on the seventh place.

6 Emirates, First Class


Emirates has superb in-flight entertainment, which keep fliers amused during their long-haul flight. They are Dubai’s leading airline with more than 140 international flights. Emirates also has the largest fleet right now. This year, they landed on the sixth place in the top ten list of the world’s best airlines.

5 Malaysia, Business Class


The superior service and efficiency of Malaysia Airlines are the reasons why it got the fifth place, despite the controversies. They always impress passengers; first class, business class and economy class passengers alike.

4 Asiana, New Business Class Seats


Asiana Airlines has its fair share of controversies. However, this Korean airline landed on the fourth spot because of their attentive services. Seat comfort is also impressive.

3 Qatar Airways, First Class Suite


The in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, and overall service of Qatar Airways deserve a perfect score. Fliers can connect their mobile gadgets in their screen. Flights are delayed sometimes, but only because of the overcrowded airport. This airline bagged the third place.

2 ANA, Business Class


Runner up is All Nippon Airways. They pay close attention to cleanliness, safety, and comfort. All seats, including the economy, have power and USB outlets. Passengers enjoy better privacy with the slide-forward-style reclining feature of the seats.

1 Singapore, First Class

And 1st place goes to…

The top spot goes to Singapore Airlines. Aside from getting a perfect score in service efficiency, they also received perfect score in other areas that make flights comfortable. Their in-flight entertainment and cabin entertainment are equally impressive.

Did you have a favorite airline that didn’t make the list, or did one of our favorites really disappoint you? Leave us a comment below!

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