Staycation Saturdays!

Hello everyone!

Thank you to or those of you who have followed us on Globetrotter Travel Tips for the past year! You have seen us go to and speak of many different areas. Over the next year, we wanted to keep this idea going while also saving a lot of money for our upcoming wedding, house purchase, and for the soon to be oncoming tiny humans in our lives (not too soon, but soon!). I started thinking of how we could have our travel bug both ways: Fun and adventurous while cost effective. The answer hit us…. Staycations! Let’s try to have as many fun and dynamic staycations we could in all seasons and share that with our fellow globetrotters. So, for the next year, once a week, you will see a STAYCATION SATURDAY tip for an adventure or activity for solo individuals, couples, and families regardless of the season. Get up, Get out, and Go far!

The defines the word vacation as a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation. If this is also how you define vacation, then no one can stop you from spending it at home. While it is true that visiting places you have never been to is exciting, it also comes with disadvantages. One disadvantage is the cost of travel, especially if you are going overseas.

Say for example a 5-day vacation from Las Vegas, NV to the Bahamas (Nassau). A roundtrip airfare plus a four-night hotel stay starts at $700 per person. This is if you will book five to seven months in advance. Can you imagine how much it will cost if there are five people going? We all know that booking only a few weeks before travel is not recommended as the rates of the plane ticket and hotel room are expected to be skyrocketing.

With the example above, you might be thinking that a short vacation abroad is way beyond how much your wallet can afford. So, how about a travel to another state within America?

Let’s say you are from Los Angeles, CA and would like to go to Chicago, IL. You need a plane ticket (roundtrip) and would like to stay at a three-star hotel for three nights. A flight and hotel reservation starts at $600 per person. Again, this is if you will book five months in advance. Yes, still expensive!

The worldwide recession has been the main reason why people are trying to be thrifty in any way they can. There are many ways on how to save while still taking a mini vacation while you stay near or close to home. You can look for special local travel deals on the internet from places like Groupon or your local Facebook groups, you can have your relatives and friends come over for a backyard pot luck, or you can just stay at home and build something. These are all varieties of a staycation.

Never heard of such word? Then come back next Saturday for Globetrotter Travel Tips first Staycation Saturday!