Staycation Idea #6: Transform Your Boring Backyard

If you cannot afford a luxurious vacation out of town for a week or even just for few days, then rather stay at home and enjoy a ‘staycation’. One fulfilling staycation idea is to transform your boring backyard into a beautiful flower garden and/or relaxing herb garden. Right now, what you probably see in the backyard is a field of grasses; but wait until you are done with this home project slash staycation!

Here are 4 ways on how to transform a backyard into a beautiful garden:

  • Gather your thoughts and make a plan.

WomanFirst and foremost, imagine how you want your new backyard to look like. If you have too many ideas and you can’t seem to stick to one design, then look for styles on the web. Choose which of these styles is closest to the design you have in mind. If possible, print out a picture of the garden you want to realize in your own backyard.


  • Flowering plants, herbs or both?

What type of garden are you after? A flower garden, an herb garden, or a fusion of both? Knowing the type will help you decide the plants you are going to use. According to, there are 13 low-maintenance perennials recommended for a flower garden. These are:


low maintenance

  1. Siberian Iris – white, yellow, pink, and purple
  2. Bleeding Heart – blossoms in mid to late spring
  3. Elegant Candy Daylily – blooms all season long
  4. Purple Coneflower – drought-tolerant
  5. May Night Salvia – blooms in early summer
  6. Black-Eyed Susan – best planted in average soil under full sun
  7. Garden Phlox – attracts butterflies and hummingbirds
  8. Vulcan Hosta – best grown in partial shade
  9. Blazing Star – can grow up to three feet
  10. Jack Frost Brunnera – best for ground cover
  11. Winter Glow Bergenia – grows in part- to full- shade
  12. Hibiscus Cranberry Crush – needs consistently moist soil
  13. Peach-Leaved Bellflower – needs average to full sun


  • Add the right pieces of furniture.Garden Furniture

Choosing the right pieces of outdoor furniture that would look harmonious with your garden theme can be tricky. Remember that in
addition to style, comfort, durability and size are among your top priority.

First, choose a classy and long-lasting couch which is not too big. If it is huge and your space is small, then it will only make your backyard look overcrowded. Second, choose a table and chairs that can withstand heavy rains or extreme heat knowing that they will be placed outdoors. To make your backyard/garden look more relaxing, you have the option to build a hammock.





  • Provide a shady retreat.

Yes, you want to hang out in the garden during summer and feel the heat of the sun. However, this does not mean you can and should tolerate the sun’s rays for hours. Use a big umbrella or build a pergola. A shady retreat would be a perfect spot for lunch or afternoon snack with family and friends.

A paradise in your own backyard! Now, who says relaxing and spending a vacation is not possible without leaving home?