Staycation Idea #4: The Pool!


Summer is here! This means feeling a nice, warm weather and seeing the majestic sun rising. Surely, those who have saved enough are now packing their bags or boarding a plane to Hawaii, Bermuda or Mexico. Spending summer outside the country, or even just in another state, is absolutely fun. However, it could also be expensive. Because of the recession, people are now getting too conscious about discretionary spending.

Discretionary spending, as defined by the business dictionary, is the act of spending money on non-essential purchases such as luxury items and vacations. If you love the water and the sun but hate to spend more than a thousand dollars for a vacation, then a ‘staycation’ is ideal for you. What to do while spending vacation at home? Enjoy the pool!

How to Enjoy a Staycation in Your Own Pool


  1. Accessorize. Sunbeds can certainly make your pool activity relaxing. However, although feeling the sun’s rays radiate to the skin is good, getting too much of it could be dangerous. For this reason, do not forget to add pool/outdoor umbrellas. Also prepare the sunblock lotion and some towels.
  2. Beautify. Whether your pool is in the front yard or backyard, you can make it look lovelier by adding beautiful flowers and green plants. DIY pool landscaping is recommended to ‘thrifty’ homeowners who want to transform the look of their pool but avoid the extravagant service fee charged by a landscaper. (Click here for 15 awesome pool landscape design ideas)
  3. Clean. If you have scheduled your staycation (pool swimming activity) on a Monday, then make sure to clean the pool the day before. Gather your kids to make the cleaning easier and faster.
  4. Cook. Aside from impressing family members and friends, deciding to cook at home rather than order foods from fastfood chains and/or restaurants gives you the chance to discover new and delicious recipes. Cooking dishes in your own kitchen is also one of the best ways to save. Remember, you are on a staycation to avoid breaking the bank!
  5. Do not forget to grill. There is just something about the smoke when grilling dishes that sets everyone into a party mood! According to cookinglight.com, the number one out of 41 top-rated grill recipes is curry and ginger-rubbed lamb chops with apricot-lime sauce. If this sounds too fancy, then you have the option to stick with common grilled dishes such as chicken breast and steak.

Grilling in the Poolside

These are the five simple steps (ABCD’s) on how to enjoy a staycation in your own pool: Accessorize, Beautify, Clean, Cook, and of course, Do not forget to grill!

In the United States alone, there are over 9 million residential swimming pools (data as of 2004). This includes both inground and aboveground pools. Given that this data is more than a decade ago; could you imagine how many million pools America has as of today? Well, if you do not have your own pool, then find a nearby swim club.

Remember, to enjoy a staycation is not about spending much; it is about preparing the essentials and spending time with the right people!