Staycation Idea #3: Become a History Buff By Visiting Nearby Museums

The past shapes the present, and the present shapes the future. When people come to visit us, or when we go to local areas and meet new people, having a unique perspective and a deeper understanding of where we live will allow us to make even better connections with people. Museums are built to preserve items that link the preset to the past while allowing the people of today to see them with their very own eyes. If you are planning a staycation for the weekend, then be sure that your itinerary includes a visit to your local museum.

History MuseumGoulbourn Museum - inside of building

If you are more interested on historical local items, you need to visit museums that mainly display historical artifacts. History museums are going to provide you with the legacy of the area and how it got to the way it became today. Most museums have a mixture of artifacts from ancient civilizations and from local history. It is best that you join a guided tour so you can get more information about the displayed items. The guide will provide little known trivia and most are available by audio book in larger cities.

Science Museum

If there is a museum near you that displays historical scientific pieces, then you should pay that a visit as well. While these may not give you the same sort of context that a historical museum would, it may teach you why your area is special. Perhaps there was an oil boom in your cities history, a great discovery, or even a certain type of vegetation only native to this location. In most cases, there are exhibitions wherein the museum features innovative inventions of the most brilliant minds of the decade. Science museums also displays prototypes and original models of modern equipment, and some of them are almost a hundred years old already.

Arts Museum

If you have a thirst for beauty and history, then an art museum would be a perfect choice. It’s a great way to find past and current artists from the area. Many of the art pieces on displays either have historical significance, very old, or both. Seeing the masterpieces of a talented artist is already an experience to relish in itself. With the history that goes with the work, you will be able to contemplate the area you reside in through the artist’s unique perspective.

Staycation Protip: Make sure to tell the museum clerk that you are a local. Often times there is a reduced entry rate for those who live in the area!

This staycation idea is perfect for a a rainy day or one with inclement weather as most museums are indoors. Whether you are going it with the entire for family or you are just looking for an interesting way to spend quality time with your partner, a museum visit not only supports your local community but provides a learning opportunity which is a great way to bond with loved ones. After visiting the museum, check and see if there are any local performances at a local theater, as often times these are partnered with the museum.


-Happy Globetrotting