5 Simple Exercises to Stay Healthy while Traveling Without Going to the Gym

If the simple thought of going to the gym from your own home is already an issue, then how much more is actually going to the gym while you are out of town or out of the country? Most people still want to work out even if they are on a business trip or a vacation. However, the cost of equipment and the need to travel from the hotel to the gym and back seem to get in the way. Still, these people know that exercise is essential to keep everything inside the body in balance. What should these people do?

Traveling should not become a hindrance for anyone ‘to be’ or ‘to stay’ healthy. Instead, traveling SHOULD BE the perfect time for goof-off to get some bones moving. Keep in mind that a lot of hotels offer wake-up alarm call service. Instead of asking the front desk staff to give you a call at six in the morning because the meeting or day trip will start at 7 AM, make it 5:30 AM so you will have thirty minutes to work out and one hour to prepare.

So, the golden sunlight is starting to peek in the window of your hotel room and you are already off your very comfortable queen-size bed early in the morning; what possible exercises can you do?

#1 Dips

#2 The Hundred

#3 Basic Plank

#4 Squats

#5 Push Ups

The exercises above are best done to jumpstart your day. How about some activities to burn some calories hours before the night fall? If the business meeting is done early, then do not use the elevator to take you back to your hotel room. Instead, use the stairs. Do you know that stair climbing is an ideal weight loss strategy? According to, a 150-lb. person will burn up to 540 calories by just climbing the stairs for one hour. Well then, climb up the stairs one hour every day during your trip and say hello to a sexier you!

Another tip to stay healthy while traveling without actually going to the gym is to walk a mile a day while on your vacation. Instead of hiring a cab to go to malls, museums, or theme parks, put on your rubber shoes and walk your way to your destination. Aside from burning calories, walking is a good way to meet new people, discover cool things, and see picturesque spots. But of course, do not forget to bring with you a map!

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-Happy Globetrotting