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I was watching an episode of one of my most favourite series, ‘Prison Break‘ when I saw a really interesting travel gadget that I had never seen before! The spareairpak17prisoners were escaping from a Panamanian prison. Guards were hot on their trail through the dense jungle. They reached the shore, all six of them, no boat in site. Digging to reach a travel cooler buried in the sand, they each grabbed a neon tube. I was amazed by what I saw next…

The ‘Spare Air‘ is defined on their website as:

“the smallest redundant SCUBA system available with enough air to get you to the surface in an out-of-air emergency. The patented SPARE AIR should be a standard piece of SCUBA diving equipment for the safety minded diver.  Explore the wealth of information about our product and diving in general. Our goal is to convince you to save your own life in an out-of-air emergency.”

SpareAirI’m not a diver, but I can imagine the peace of mind a diver must feel when they know that if an issue happens with their main tank. What I also see is an amazing safety device for boaters, snorkelers, and people of the water.

I think it would be cool to use as an option to dive a wee bit deeper as a snorkeler with the ease of having the option to alternate. However, I am not a trained diver and the thought of my lungs exploding due to pressure changes does not sound like my idea of a good time. Please ensure that you are or use this under the direction of a qualified diver.

Here are some words from Spare Air’s Founder, Larry Williamson:

“One night I was lobster diving in the beautiful, clear cool waters off the coast of Catalina Island. After a short time, I realized I had failed to check my air supply. As I went to check it, I took a breath and discovered there wasn’t one to be had. I panicked for a moment…got myself together and swam quickly toward the surface with the unnerving sense that it was too far away and I wouldn’t make it! In this rush for the precious air far above at the surface, I began to black out…my only thought was… If I only had one more breath of air.

For days after this experience I would awake in a sweat during the night. Then I began to notice a recurring thought I had…it was the last words I recalled as I blacked out…. If only I had one more breath. Why was this coming back to me over and over again? Was I given a second chance to live for a reason? Then it dawned on me. There are others that didn’t, don’t or won’t make it…There are others blacking out and never waking up… if they only had one more breath of air!

So the story ends with the present. SPARE AIR was born, and out of it my commitment to educate the world about preventable drowning and safe diving. I feel diving is safe, but it can and should be made safer. You, too, can join the quest and become part of the story of SPARE AIR.”

Spare Air

Regulator Body – Our simple rugged design utilizes the same time proven technology found in typical regulators used by SCUBA Divers around the world. Our always-on, breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator is easy to maintain and service. Pressure Indicator – The standard indicator is easy to read by the White Indicator Pin rising up when the Spare Air has filled to 3000psi. A Dial Gauge Pressure Indicator is available as an optional accessory. Purge Button – Clears the regulator and empties the Air Tank. Mouthpiece – Standard regulator mouthpiece carried by SCUBA Diving Shops everywhere and is the same model used on most regulators. Check Valve – Remove the cover and attach the yoke style Refill Adapter (included with every Spare Air, patent pending). Attach the other end to a filled SCUBA tank and in 30-60 seconds, your Spare Air is full. 3000 PSI Aluminum Tank – This SCUBA tank is manufactured just like standard SCUBA tanks, with the same safety features. The cylinder should be inspected annually and hydrostatically tested once every 5 years.


It’s an amazing design. I had never seen such a compact SCUBA system before. Check the video below to see the Spare Air in use.


The author of the video makes an incredible point that I would also like to restate here. “Make sure you are scuba certified before you try using Spare Air! Spare Air Emergency air tank is not a toy and can be extremely dangerous! Never use a Spare Air Emergency air tank to free dive!”

Have you used the ‘Spare Air’? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

– Happy Globetrotting!