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Travel like a Pro: Smart Tips For Packing Your Suitcase

So, you’re going on vacation! Yippie! Well, time to do some laundry and get packing. Is the way you pack a bit like Mr. Bean in the following video, or are you an expert in textile origami? Let’s laugh and then learn how to travel like a pro and learn some Smart Tips For Packing Your Suitcase!

The problem with most travelers is that they stack their bags with anything they see in the closet, especially when they are already running out of time. It is common for men to just grab clean clothes and stuff them inside the luggage without even taking time to arrange them. For women, it is common for them to put inside the bag almost all beauty regimens they see on top of their vanity mirror. For men and women alike, doing these things will only result to a big, bulky, and heavy luggage. For sure, no traveler would want that. Hence, in order to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a ton of luggage, here are some smart tips on how to pack your suitcase.



#1 Gather everything that you think you would need for the travel.

Remember, ‘gathering everything’ does not mean ‘putting everything’ inside the luggage. You should first collect all the things you anticipate needing to save time going back and forth and then, choose which ones are the most important.

#2 Determine the purpose of your travel (work-related or vacation), length of stay, and destination.

If your travel is work-related, then make sure to bring enough formal attire. Otherwise, if it is for vacation, then you do not need to bring coat and tie or an evening gown. Learning the length of stay is also important to prevent you from bringing too many clothes that would only add up to the total weight of the baggage. Lastly, knowing your destination is crucial since this will determine your everyday outfit. If you are going to warm places, then make sure to prepare cottons. Otherwise, if the temperature in your destination is cold, then prepare some thick jackets, gloves and boots. This second tip is vital so you can maximize space. Keep in mind that you still have to bring some other things aside from clothes.

#3 Fold your clothes properly.

Majority of the things inside a suitcase are clothes. If you will not fold them, then they will consume too much space. This will make you end up bringing another bag for some other items. However, if you take time to fold your clothes, you will not only maximize space but also prevent them from wrinkling.

The best way to arrange clothes inside your suitcase is to roll them at the bottom. Then, put your shoes, personal care products, jewelries, and other items on top. Just make sure that these items are placed separately inside a zip-top bag. Lastly, to avoid fragile items such as sunglasses from breaking, stuff them inside your shoes.

Aside from setting the dates and booking the actual travel, packing your suitcase is also time-consuming. However, keep in mind that a travel should be something exciting and not frustrating; hence, preparing your luggage should not be a hindrance for you to anticipate an exciting journey.

Do you have some Smart Tips For Packing Your Suitcase? Leave them in the comments below.

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