Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines: What Makes It One of the Best Airlines in the World?

Many airline companies have international flights. Every year, these companies are ranked by various business review organizations. One of the companies that consistently snatch the top spot is Singapore Airlines. This Asian airline continues to lead the industry not just in Asia, but all over the world. Like most people, you might be wondering why they are considered as one of the best in the world. Well, here’s why…World Class Service

Impressive Facilities

Everything in the business and executive class is expected to be superb. That is why the best way to assess Singapore Airlines is to check their economy seats. The size of the economy seats is just good for one person but what it lack in size, it compensated well in quality. The seats are comfortable, and they even come with a pillow and fleece blanket.

Another thing that impresses passengers in the economy class is the in-flight entertainment system. Each passenger has his/her own TV. Singapore Airlines loaded the TV with the latest and most popular movies. The seats also allow you to access some useful apps like the digital foreign language class and the international city guide. A wide range of magazines are also available.

 World Class Service

Regardless of where you are seated, rest assured the crew will treat you with respect. Each one of them is trained to ensure you are cared for in the best way possible. In fact, they already know what you need before asking for it. This is called initiative. They will offer you their assistance right away without intruding.

Economy Class FYI: The new and majestic Boeing 777-300ER cabin of Singapore Airlines proudly offers redesigned seats with state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system. Furthermore, according to, “the business class seats fitted on Singapore Airlines A380, Boeing 777-300ER, and refitted 777-200ER are the most spacious the world has ever seen.”

 Singapore Airlines always makes sure that all their passengers get the best in-flight experience. Because of this, it is no longer surprising why the reviews they get are consistently positive. International flights are long and exhausting. However, they ensure to find a way to make your flight an enjoyable and memorable experience.

-Happy Globetrotting