Shifting Your Perspective

I was wandering around the internet when I came across a beautiful short film called ‘Split Screen’ by James W. Griffiths. It’s only about three minutes, and in its simplicity, says something remarkable. Brace yourself, I am going to get philosophical after the jump.


What I love about this short video isn’t the cliché love story, but something which I think is deeper than that and pertains to our philosophy on travel. We often go through our lives, and I’m sure you can attest, getting lost, as author Stephen Covey might to say, “in the thick of thin things.” We focus on our perspective of our own issues, what’s going on with us, as if our life is in a bubble. It isn’t though, is it. At this point in time, millions of people just like you are milling about the world doing the same thing as you are, a million more having a better time, a million more having a worse time. The thing I loved most about this short film is how a simple affect of splitting a screen showed how two separate paths from across the globe connected. It seems magical, but this happens to us whenever we meet someone new. The sum of our experiences comes up against the path of a stranger and we are met with a merging of two paths. So, the next time you meet someone new, whether it is while travelling or even in your every day life, think of this short film, and how wonderfully different and similar we all are as we ride this globe for a few rides around the sun.


-Happy Globetrotting