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Product Review: ScotteVest Travel Vest

Pic 2Safety and security are any person’s main concern when traveling. As much as possible, we want to always make sure that our belongings are protected and away from impending theft. However, especially when we travel to unfamiliar and remote places, we become too conscious with our valuables and even tend to expose them to strangers. Bringing a quality bag could keep your personal items intact; but, is it enough to keep them safe?

Items such as keys, wallets, iPod, iPad, jewelries and mobile phones are apples to the eyes of thieves. If you travel while carelessly bringing these items, then you can easily attract harm and danger. To avoid jeopardizing yourself behind the fact that you are carrying valuables with you, better wear the travel vest from ScotteVest.

ScotteVest RFID (radio frequency identification) Travel Vest is made from 100% polyester and is teflon-coated. It has a total of 26 pockets that can hold a full size iPad, several mobile phones, and even travel chargers. The rest of the pockets are also ideal to keep your travel documents such as passport safe. Accessing all 26 pockets will neverPic 3 become an issue because the vest features an advanced two-way zipper system.

Think about this: you have one pocket for your keys; one for your iPod; one for the iPad; one for the jewelries, one for the ID’s, one for the wallet, and let’s say three pockets for three cellphones. Seems a lot already but you actually have 17 more pockets left to store some other stuff. ScotteVest Travel Vest for Men has a similar design as with ScotteVest Travel Vest for Women. However, the one for women only has 18 pockets. The vest for men is Pic 1available in four different colors: black, navy blue, olive, and khaki. The vest for women, on the other hand, is available in black, gray, khaki, and red.

Based on customer reviews, this product received a 4-star rating. In amazon.com, the ScotteVest RFID Travel Vest for both men and women costs $135.

– Happy Globetrotting