Reasons Why Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor is a Must-Have for Travelers

Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, it is likely that you are bringing your gadgets with you. As a frequent flyer Pic3myself, I understand how inconvenient it is to bring different power chargers for different gadgets. They occupy additional space and increase the weight of my luggage. In situations such as this, it would be great to have the Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor.


Tumi is definitely the ultimate power adaptor kit for a traveling gadget enthusiast. This 120 watt adaptor comes with all the tips that you need in order to charge any kinds of gadget. Its retractable cables allow you to connect the power adaptor anywhere, regardless if you are inside a hotel, your car, or in an airplane. This basically eliminates the need to carry various chargers. It is compatible with any gadgets from any brands.


True to its name, Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor is slim compared to an ordinary adaptor typically included in gadget packages. It is only 1.5-inch thick with a carrying case that you can fold easily. Tumi is so slim, you can actually carry it in your jacket. It is not exactly lightweight, but you can carry it around without being weighed down.


It looks sleek with its simple and minimalist design. The carrying case is lined with leather, making it the perfect choice if you want something that looks simple and elegant at the same time. Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor looks like something that people with a good taste would want to have.


Compared to other similar products like Kensington that only cost around $149, Tumi is a bit pricier at $195. However, it is definitely a worthy investment because Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor is far more versatile than other brands. Not only that, it also look more appealing in terms of design. Keep in mind that product quality and value for money should be the priority when choosing a gadget.

Recommended for Travelers

There are a lot of other brands to choose from, but the impressive features of Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor stands out from the rest. In fact, this is one of the recommended gadgets in Time magazine’s 25 Gotta Have Travel Gadgets. Portability and convenience are very important when travelling, and that is exactly what you are getting when using this universal power adaptor kit.

If you are on a tight budget, then this might not be the best option for you because it is a bit costly compared to other brands. However, you should consider opting for Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor if your priority is usability. This is definitely worth every cent because it allows you to charge your laptop, smartphone, iPad, and whatever mobile gadgets you are carrying in your trip.

-Happy Globetrotting