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Qualities of the Best Travelling Bag

Picture 1Your bag is packed and ready the night before your flight. You are positive that all the needed travel materials are already inside the bag and that you are good to go. On your way to the airport, you noticed that your bag is weighing a little heavier now than last night even though you have not placed more stuff in it. Is it because you are just too excited for your travel or your bag is really weighing heavy? You do not know! Thankfully, your bag did not exceed the standard weight limit for carryon baggage. Ah, what a sigh of relief! However, when you are arrived at your destination and grabbed your bag from the conveyor belt, all the things inside it fell on the floor because your travelling bag tore apart. Embarrassing!

Nobody wants to experience this. Therefore, your bag – being one of the frequently used travel items, should be durable and of high quality. However, with the many brands of travelling bags in the market, how can you end up with the best? How will you choose a bag that is worthy of your money? Here are some qualities of the best travelling bag.

Compact Size

Several airlines have different guidelines when it comes to checked-in baggage. However, for most airlines, the acceptable bag measurement for domestic flights is no more than 90cm x 75cm x 43cm (35.5in x 29.5in x 16in). This means that bags exceeding this measurement are subject to additional fees.

For this reason, the bag of your choice should be able to maximize space yet remain compact in size. In addition, it should not be something very tall or very wide. For carryon bags, instead of buying bulky ones, opt for those that would fit in the overhead bin. Picture 2


Remember that not all small travelling bags are portable and not all large bags are inconvenient to carry. After determining the space capacity of a bag, the next quality to consider is its mobility. Does the bag have wheels? If yes, then are the wheels stiff or can be twisted 360 degrees? It would be easier for any traveler to maneuver his/her travelling bag, even if it is heavy, if the bag has wheels that can be twisted in any direction.


Regardless if it is a handbag, backpack, or stroller bag, the bag should be durable given that you are expected to place heavy items inside it. The bag should not easily tear apart even if you are bringing three or more pairs of shoes, five or more pants, and other heavy objects.Picture 3

Chic Design

Male and female alike want to travel in style. Hence, instead of picking an ordinary black bag, why not choose colored ones? Or perhaps, if you want to easily identify your luggage while it is on the conveyor belt, opt for printed bags.

The things mentioned above are just some of the qualities of the best travelling bag. To know more tips in buying an ideal luggage, take time to watch this video. Bon voyage!


– Happy Globetrotting