Product Review: AMPL SmartBag

Pic2AMPL SmartBag is a laptop backpack with built-in battery. This product has won the 2015 CES Innovation Awards both in the Portable Power and Computer Accessories categories. This is nothing short of an indication how impressive it is. On the outside, this looks nothing more than a sleek backpack. However, integrated chargers are built within its fabrics. Sounds like an interesting piece of gadget, but is it worth your time and money?

Portable Chargers

What separates AMPL SmartBag from other portable power sources is you can recharge while you are moving. There is no need to stop and find a plug just to recharge your gadgets. The bag has enough space to carry your laptop, phones, and tablet. While tucking your gadget conveniently inside your bag, you can connect it to the built-in charger. Charge your gadget before you leave, and by the time you get to work, it is ready. What is more convenient than that?

Pic3Built for Maximum Use

This portable and extremely useful device is not for one-time only use. In fact, you can use AMPL SmartBag to recharge your laptop twice and your smartphones and tablets twice within a 24-hour span. Because of this, you will be able to finish majority of your day’s work without having to worry that your laptop will give up on you.

Added Protection

The bag also has safety measures that will help ensure gadgets remain safe. The bottom of the bag has a shock absorber that keeps its contents safe in case you accidentally drop it. The fabric is waterproof, so there’s no need to worry if you are travelling on a rainy day.

Product Specifications (source: ampl-labs.com)Pic4

Compatibility     :           Smartphones, tablets and USB devices

Power                       :           22 Wh (6,000 mAh)

Dimensions          :           19’’ tall x 13’’ wide x 7’’ thick

Weight                    :           4.9 lbs

Customizable      :           Dock up to three batteries at a time

Fast Charging     :           Rapid-charge technology charges 2.5 faster

Long Life                :            Smart Batteries can be charged 2-3x more than typical batteries over their lifetime

Price                         :           Starts            at $265, depending on the package inclusions

There is an app you can use to monitor the progress of charging/recharging your gadgets. If you download the app on your phone, then you do not need to open the bag often just to check if the charging is already done. Meanwhile, the charger is removable, so you can carry it even without using the bag.

Indeed, AMPL SmartBag is a must-have for gadget users who are always on the go!

-Happy Globetrotting!