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Potluck Lunches: Enjoying Different Dishes, Discovering Interesting Cultures

By definition, a potluck is a gathering of people in which each person or group prepares a food to be shared to others. A potluck is also known as Jacob’s join/Jacob’s supper, pitch-in, and dish-to-pass, among others. The word ‘pot-luck’ dates back during the 16th century; however until today, we can still see a lot of people organizing potluck lunches within the neighbourhood, in churches, and even in offices.Picture 2

The Essence of Potluck Lunch

A potluck lunch is not merely the act of preparing and sharing foods to other people and consuming the foods other people have prepared in return. Aside from having the chance to taste the dishes that your new friends have been boasting of, a potluck lunch is also a great chance to learn where they came from and discover their interesting cultures.

Perhaps, your neighbours, church mates, and office mates are not all of the same race. Some are white, some are black, and each comes from different corners of the globe. This diversity should not be something that would cause issues; instead, this should be a means for all of you to unite. But how can potluck lunches make this possible?

Planning a Potluck with Neighbors

Let’s take your neighbourhood as an example. Plan a date where every neighbour is free, weekends perhaps. To add a twist to the potluck lunch, ask each
neighbour/family to bring a dish that is native to their country of origin and require them to wear their national costume. Wearing a costume during a potluck lunch may sound odd but if only everyone will participate, then you will realize how fun and memorable it could be.

Picture 3Ok, the date for the potluck lunch is set. Now, your next problem is the foods you will bring to the table. For this matter, making use of the internet would be a great help. Typing ‘potluck recipes’ in Google will give you more than ten pages of search results. From sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes, and salads to appetizers, side dishes, soups, and the main course; you will realize there are countless of recipes for you to choose from.

A potluck lunch does not only gather people together. It also opens doors of meeting new people and makes way for new friendship. In your area, do you have a lot of neighbours but only know them by name? Or, are you getting too busy with work that you could not find a time to say hello to the people living next door? If your answer to these questions is yes, then it is about time to plan a potluck lunch.

As always, Happy Globetrotting!