Vegas, Baby!

Experience Las Vegas: How to Book Affordable Flights and Find Money-Saving Hotels

Luxurious shopping, elegant dining, vivacious nightlife, and of course, spendthrift gambling; what more could you ask for in the ‘Sin City’? Aside from being a famous destination in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is also among the top tourist spots in the world. In this city, travelers are expected to experience neighboring hotels and casinos. Hence, it is safe to say that the fun never stops at this part of the world.

If you are someone from other states or perhaps from other nations and wants to enjoy Las Vegas from dusk until dawn, then here are some tips on how you can take advantage of affordable flights and money-saving hotels.

Tip #1: When booking a ticket to Las Vegas, or any other parts of the globe, always consider the law of supply and demand.

The equation is pretty basic:Picture 2

Higher demand + Less available seats = Outrageous ticket prices

Lesser demand + More available seats = Budget-friendly, or even low ticket prices

This means that you are likely to book an affordable flight to Vegas if your travel does not fall during the peak season. Peak seasons include Valentine’s Day (February), Independence Day (July), Christmas (December), and the busiest is New Year (January). Therefore, if you want to save almost half of your airfare, then do not book a travel during these months

Picture 3     In addition, the best days to travel to and from Las Vegas are Tuesday, Wednesday (which is usually the cheapest), and Saturday. Remember to avoid flying on Monday, Friday and Sunday. Again, considering the law of supply and demand, airlines would usually charge higher rates during these days.

Tip #2: Book a hotel stay far in advance; and keep in mind that hotels located in the heart of Vegas do not really come cheap.


Penn, of Penn & Teller and I at the Rio hotel after their show.

The earlier you book a hotel stay, the better. Meaning, if you are planning to go to Las Vegas in November, then make sure to secure a hotel room in as early as August or September. This way, you can save big. There are hotels that offer great discounts for advance bookings. However, there is a catch; most of these are non-refundable. If in case by any chance you cannot go on with your travel, then you cannot get your money back. Therefore, know the policy of each hotel first before actually giving out your credit card details.

What Jacquie and I loved most about Vegas was not only the opportunity to see some incredible talent, like Penn & Teller, but also the things that were available to enjoy outside of the Casinos. We took an amazing drive through Red Rock Canyon in a Mustang convertible. It felt like being in a roadrunner cartoon. I was a bit under the weather from some not so good seafood at Caesars Palace, but this really turned my mood around. I recommend it above all if you want to really make your stay in Vegas unique and not only inexpensive.