Podcast Episode GTT 003: Staying Healthy While Travelling, with Danae Fentie of ‘Nutrish’N on a Mission’

Welcome bacheadshot_004-fbk everybody! I am so excited to bring this podcast episode to you. First off, it feels so good to be bringing this information to you after a brief hiatus. As I discussed on the podcast, we travelled across the United States and have both been working quite a lot, so it’s taken some time to get this up.

I have always struggled with making healthy decision while travelling, so I thought who better to ask questions of wellness to than my friend, Danae Fentie. I met Danae in high school. I knew her as the bubbly, tall, and intelligent girl who was always smiling. We’ve kept in contact here and there as she has become quite the accomplished holistic nutritionist. In this podcast we speak about how you can work at staying healthy when you are away from home…and once you’re back!

10617751_10152706021365390_97384969_nI could detail every nuance of the podcast, but to be honest, this is one that you will want to listen to again and again. Danae bestows some fantastic wisdom. She talks of how we should approach all inclusive resorts as ways to load up on good food we might not normally purchase when we are at home. We learn how to hold our non-negotiable rules for health as a measure for enjoying new foods. Danae brought up a great idea for using our vacation as a kickstart to new eating habits upon our return home. Eating on vacation is an adventure into new foods which we might not be directed to in our daily life. We might not have the courage or the perspective to notice our habits at home, but the different foods and cooking styles we see on our trip could enhance our habits at home in ways we never thought!

We also spoke about staying active and fit when on vacation. Danae mentioned that she travels with a yoga strap and resistance bands to work out wherever she is, on the beach, in the hotel room etc.. She also travels with strong balls to assist in massaging the tightness in your muscles so that you do not have aches and pains so that she is ready for whatever activity is on the agenda. This is a fantastic idea because these items are small and easy to travel with. We all know the pain of having a sore neck from sitting in a cramped airplane seat for a long flight. These small items can really help get you ready for the adventure that awaits.

Camelback - Filtered Water BottleOne of Danae’s must have things in her travel bag was her water bottle. She’ll bring a water bottle that has a filter in it so that if the water is questionable in the area that she is travelling in she ensures that her body stays healthy. I couldn’t agree more. My OCD tendencies are always a topic of conversation with Jacquie, as she is more apt to drink any tap water. I tend to be a bit more cautious. As Danae stated, who knows what level of filtration exists in some countries. It is always better to err on the side of caution in my opinion. 81JrzcDtuvL._SL1500_

Danae also spoke of some essential oils that can aid in our health. I am pretty unfamiliar with these, so you will have to do some deeper research. The results that I’ve heard from this is really interesting. She talked about ‘Thieves Oil’ which you can read more about here. I talked about oil of oregeno, which Danae said was a great anti-parasitic. Danae knows a lot about these and you can get these as well from Danae through the links below.

Danae spoke about wanting to travel throughout North America, South America and wanting to see Peru not only for the landmark sites, but to also learn about the local culture as it pertains to health and wellbeing. I can’t wait to hear about her travels there.


Danae has an incredible blog that I urge you to check out. She gives a lot of very practical advice, recipes, and guidance on a variety of issues. Check that out here

Want to connect with Danae? reach her at the following places:

Website: nutrishnonamission.com

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