Podcast Episode GTT 004: New York and Special Guest, Elisa Jordana!

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327586_563299033953_2135686577_oIt’s been such a long time since we’ve recorded a podcast. We’ve been travelling and writing so much that we forgot how much fun it was to record! So here it is, episode 4 of the Globetrotter Travel Tips podcast. We’re heading to New York City for five days this April so we thought it would be fun to talk on air about some of our past adventures in the city, the things we love, the things we didn’t like.

ElisaFor those of you who don’t know, I have been working on a side project called Kermit and Friends. This is a show that is broadcasted nightly on Spreecast with Elisa Jordana (Past: Writer for The Howard Stern Show, Keytarist for Cobra Starship). This project has consumed a large portion of my free time. Elisa is based in New York City, so I thought, who better than to talk about what are our must see things in New York.

We covered a lot of different topics in this podcast, so if you would like any more information on the places discussed, please leave a comment in the section below. There will be lots more New York themed topics later in April!

-Happy Globetrotting!