DO’s and DONT’s when Traveling

Being a traveler, especially in a foreign land, requires enough knowledge, the right attitude, and a whole lot of common sense. Whatever you do and wherever you go, staying alert is always essential. Every time you are away from home, think that you are in another world and that you have to act more cautiously.

As a way to make your trip safer and more convenient, we have listed some of the things that you SHOULD DO and SHOULD NEVER DO while in your destination. As the saying goes, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” Here are the DO’s and DONT’s when Traveling!

The DO’s

  1. Before leaving your home, make a photo copy of your credit card, valid ID’s, passport, visa, and other important travel documents and ask a family member to keep them safe. Honestly, many people do not practice this; which is why many people encounter problems in case of theft. (Digital scans on a password protected USB works too!)Pic1
  2. Remember to bring your prescription medications.
  3. When packing, mark important items and all your bags with your name and address.
  4. Take time to visit tsa.gov (Transportation Security Administration) few days before your travel, or the respective website of the country that you may be travelling to.
  5. Bring a book to read, preferably a travel guide featuring your destination. This will make you a little more knowledgeable when already en-route.
  6. When at your destination, be courteous and polite to the locals.
  7. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Be careful with suspicious-looking people.
  8. Dress appropriately, especially if you are in ‘socially conservative’ cities or countries.
  9. Always travel with a companion. If you are traveling alone, then avoid going back to your hotel too late in the evening or at early dawn.
  10. Familiarize local laws and customs.  Remember, ignorance excuses no one.

The DON’T’sPic2

  1. When packing, do not place your money, credit cards, jewelry, and medications in the bag that you will check in. Place them in your carry on, instead.
  2. Do not leave your hotel room unlocked.
  3. Even if your room is locked, never leave your valuables and devices on the bed. You have to keep them secured inside your luggage.
  4. Do not flash large sum of cash in public places and do not bring all your credit cards.
  5. Do not show off that you are a tourist; instead, act like a local. Keep in mind that tourists are the apple of the eye of thieves.
  6. Do not visit unfamiliar places alone and avoid dangerous locations.
  7. When dealing with the locals, do not be immature, loud and rude.
  8. When you are traveling for leisure, avoid partying the night away. When in night clubs (especially for ladies), drink moderately.
  9. Avoid talking about your home country too much. Keep in mind that you are in another place to discover new things.Pic4
  10. Lastly, NEVER EVER lose your passport. You already know what will happen if you do!


Do you have more DO’s and DON’T’s in mind? Feel free to write them below. Travel safely!