Travel Towel

What’s in our travel bag? | Don’t forget to bring a travel towel!

One of the best gifts I ever received was from a co-worker at Inchang Middle School in Seoul, Korea. Mr. Kang, an avid soccer player, English teacher, and good friend came to me during a badminton tournament and gave me the best travel essentials I’d be lost without… A Towel! Now, you must be thinking that I’m pretty easy to impress, if all it it takes is a towel. Well, yes and no. This wasn’t just any towel, though and I’m about to give you some indispensable tips on why even if you will have hotel towels, why you need your own compact travel towel.

Why do I need a towel?

It’s best to always be prepared, even if you don’t think you need one. The simple answer to why you might need one is that if by chance you get wet…you can Travel Towelnow be dry. Simple, but often forgotten. Out on an adventure on a super hot day? Globetrotter Travel Tip: Soak your micro-fibre towel in cool/icy water and drape it over your head or neck to stay cool. If you get too wet..wring out your towel and dry yourself off. You will thank yourself on that ‘short little hike’ you get talked into. Now, hopefully you never have to endure being injured, or having someone else in your party injured. If you do, the benefit of the travel towel is that it is very strong and makes a good tourniquet if need be. Another Globetrotter Travel Tip that we will cover in a later post is: Make sure you have travel insurance!

Make sure it is compact!

The reason a travel towel is so essential is so that you can take it anywhere you go. My travel towel is super compact. When folded twice and rolled it is like a 6 inch burrito about an inch thick and would easily fit in a sandwich bag. If the towel is too big, it will be cumbersome to carry. When you are slimming down your carry along bag for your upcoming day trip/adventure/what have you, you need all the space you can and at the lightest weight possible. If the towel is too big, you most likely won’t bring it. Our towel is about 5 oz (140 g). Super compact and super light.

Make sure it is micro-fibre!

This is the most important part of making a towel a ‘travel towel‘. Nobody wants to carry around a used wet towel for the rest of the day. The beauty of a micro-fibre towel is that it absorbs water so fast and is incredibly quick drying. says that our towel absorbs and drys 10x faster than a cotton towel. I’ll have to take their word, as I haven’t done any time trials, but I can tell you that once I’ve wrung the towel out and given it a few helicopter spins we are normally good to go.

Travel Towel 2I’ve used other “micro-fiber” towels before and the thing that ticked me off is that some don’t feel good on your skin as the fibres seem to catch and feel scratchy. Luckily, mine is not one of those towels. It is a softer “shammy” material. So, I’d either get the same kind as I do or make sure you feel yours first.

Hopefully these tips help you for getting your travel bag ready. Have any additional tips, questions, or comments? Make sure to leave them in the comment section below. As always…

-Happy Globetrotting!