Disadvantages of Travelling Solo

A Warning for Inexperienced Travellers

In our previous article, we have highlighted five of the many advantages of travelling solo. Today, we will give you five of the many disadvantages of going on a trip alone. Do not think we are trying to play a game here; we only want you to be a ‘knowledgeable’ traveller. To travel with friends or not, the final decision is still yours to make!

Experienced travel enthusiasts often recommend solo travelling to other people. While travelling alone is a very exciting and rewarding experience, it is not advisable for everyone. Before you travel unaccompanied by a trusted person, you should know what you are dealing with. Knowing the disadvantages of travelling alone will help you determine if this is a safe option for you. Regret will not do you any good, so it is best to gain awareness long before you pack your bags."                               "

  • Safety Concerns- A wonderful vacation could easily turn into a nightmare if you travel alone. Since no one is there to watch your back, you become an easy target of criminals. One of the most common problems of lone travellers is theft. Someone might steal your luggage while you are buying a ticket or perhaps, food. In addition, having at least one companion will minimize your risk of becoming a victim of scam.
  • It Could Get Lonely- With all the exciting things that are happening during your vacation, would it be nice to talk about it with someone? That is not possible if you are travelling alone. Yes, communication tools allow you to speak with anyone back home. However, it is still better to talk to someone who has the same experience as you. Loneliness is one of the most unavoidable disadvantages of travelling alone.
  • Cost Inflation- Like most travelers, you sure are following a budget. However, there might be instances wherein you will be forced to go beyond the financial plan. The cost of transportation, food, and accommodation might increase unexpectedly. A travelling companion could share the cost with you, which will make the expenses more bearable. It might be necessary for you to prepare extra cash if you really intend to travel on your own.
  • Pic3Awkward Situations- There are some activities that might feel or look weird if you are doing it alone. If you are obviously a foreigner, people might stare while you eat alone in your table. In some situations, solo travelers might end up doing something that is socially unacceptable in the place they are visiting. These things could have been avoided if someone you know and trust is there with you.
  • No Support- Unfavorable and unexpected things could happen while you travel, especially when you go out of the country. If you get lost and do not speak the local language, then it might take hours before you get back on track. The fact that you are going through this alone will make you feel even more frustrated. Travel mates can also help if you get sick during the trip.

These are just some of the disadvantages of traveling solo. Needless to say, you need to have a lot of guts if you want to travel solo. Get the facts and weigh your options carefully before making any decision. If this is your first attempt to travel on your own, then take the time to speak with people who have travelled alone many times. They could give you some advice.

-Happy Globetrotting