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Cooking for Yourself while Travelling: Learning How to Save Some Bucks

You found an affordable deal online; a roundtrip flight plus six nights hotel stay at only less than a thousand dollars per person. Because you know that prices of travel deals are subject to change, you immediately grabbed the chance of enjoying a cost-effective travel and booked the package right away. So hurray! You and your family are going for a week-long vacation. For sure, baby brother looked this happy knowing that he’s going, too. Picture 1

It is true that everyone wants to travel, and the majority of people want to travel in the most affordable way possible. One of the best ways to save money while travelling is to cook for yourself. For others, this sounds inconvenient given that they have to buy foods from the grocery store. Most travelers would think it is more fun to spend time seeing famous attractions and visiting picturesque tourist spots rather than spending time cooking. Well, the secret to lessen the time needed in preparing foods is to plan meals in advance. This is possible by asking yourself and the rest of the family members what foods you/they love to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make a list after knowing what they prefer eating. This way, you will not go back and forth at the supermarket when shopping for ingredients.

Picture 2Especially when a huge number of people are travelling, it is always ideal to book a hotel room with a kitchen that is complete with plates and other eating utensils, cook wares, a refrigerator, an oven, and a dishwasher. It would be useless to plan to cook at the hotel if your room does not have all these since it would mean buying new stuff for the kitchen. Aside from possibly spending more, this would also mean having extra baggage on your return flight.

In addition to planning meals in advance, making a list before heading to the store, and booking a hotel room with fully-furnished kitchen, another tip to save money while travelling is to never have breakfast in restaurants at the hotel. What do you usually have for breakfast? Omelets, bacon, sausage, toasted bread with cheese, and a cup of coffee, right? Keep in mind that these are so easy to prepare and you do not need to spend almost a hundred bucks per person for just one meal. Picture 3

The last tip, but definitely not the least, is to eat more during lunch time than dinner time. This means that when cooking for yourself and the rest of the family members, prepare more foods for lunch than dinner and have more options for viands. Aside from being a healthy option, eating more at lunch gives you enough energy to survive a day-long excursion.

Meanwhile, if you plan to eat healthy while travelling by bringing some foods from home, then check out this two-minute video on how to pack pocket-size yet super healthy snacks that will keep everybody on the go.

-Happy Globetrotting