Avoiding travel scams

Have you come back from vacation with far more trinkets than you planned? Maybe you were hustled into a high pressure sale at a Beijing pearl market. Perhaps an even more dangerous time on a Dominican beach? It’s best to be prepared. Between Jacquie and I, we’ve seen most. Look here for tips to be aware of when travelling outside of your own backyard.

DO’s and DONT’s when Traveling

Being a traveler, especially in a foreign land, requires enough knowledge, the right attitude, and a whole lot of common sense. Whatever you do and wherever you go, staying alert is always essential. Every time you are away from home, think that you are in another world and that you have to act more cautiously….

Avoid Cuban Cigar Scams!

I love cigars. It’s a guilty pleasure that I indulge in during the summer months and while I am at any tropical destination. I do not want to get into the types of cigars I love, but more so give some beginner and intermediate advice to shopping for cigars because I have seen SO many…