Staycation Tips | Bring Them To You

Travel can often be selfish. We want to go to new places so we have new experiences and meet new people, for us. Let me tell you how I first had the fierce desire to travel to what was then a fantasy world to me and how it began. I want to tell you how a simple gesture was a driving travel force for most of my life. It was Japan, and I was 6. Staycation | Postcard

I grew up in Niagara Falls, Canada. The benefit of living in such a tourist destination such as this was the type of activities we had in our backyard and the people we might meet from all over the world. My mother took us on a day trip to see the falls and to go on ‘The Maid of The Mist’. For those who aren’t familiar, the Maid of the Mist is a boat that brings its visitors as close as possible to the falls and turns around. It rumbles your body and drenches you in mist. You truly feel the power of the falls, and it is really incredible…especially to a five year old. Well, on this boat was a husband and wife who had recently retired and had travelled from rural Japan to Niagara Falls on their Canadian vacation. My mother had lent them ponchos as they had not grabbed the complimentary ones given for the trip. We took a photo of them with their camera, and likewise they took one of us. They said that when they had their photos developed (it was the 80’s), they would send the photo of us to our home and asked for our address. The thick white envelope was opened in front of me as I saw the photo of my mother and I, but also much more. There was a photo of Mt. Fuji in incredible detail, a photo of a beautiful Japanese garden, as well as a photo of the couple we met months prior. Along with the photos was a letter explaining the rest of their trip and how pleased the couple was to have met us. I cherish those photos to this day. In many ways, it kindled my desire to visit Asia at such a young age.

My tip for you is that if you are not able to travel right now, for whatever reason, give the feeling of travel to someone else. Here is your Globetrotter Staycation Tip:

PostcardGo to the nearest travel agency/convenience store/post office and purchase a postcard. You could even take a photo and print it on heavy card stock. Write a description of the weather, what you are doing, what’s coming up for you or what’s happening in your area. Send this post card to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Invite them to visit if you feel like it and bring the travel to you.

People rarely send physical correspondence these days. You have the opportunity to make someones day and also take the chance to bring that person into your world and to let them know that you are well. The doors that open because of taking the first step could be more enriching than you thought. You never know, maybe someone is reading this and thinking of sending you a special post card. After you’ve tried this, I’d love to hear about howit made you feel in the comment section below.

-Happy Globetrotting