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Bluebird Coffee in the Byward Market | Local Flavour

Bluebird CoffeeA wonderful part of living back in a more vibrant civilization has been the opportunities to see dear friends, and also, one cannot gloss over the abundant opportunities for great coffee. Today, I found myself in Ottawa’s ‘Byward Market’ that we spoke of in podcast episode GTT 001. This urban centre offers some eclectic food, unique street vendors, and as a key point…smells amazing. The frequency of bakeries and Beaver Tails gives the area a scent which makes me feel like I’m floating by my nose like in a vintage cartoon. While waiting for my good friend Jessica Deloache, a Globetrotter herself just coming back home from teaching in Hondouras, I had some time to burn.

DrunkTank Pink

I picked this book up at the University of Toronto book store. It’s an interesting read, much in the same vain as ‘Freakonomics’. It takes a look at how external conditions and environments play folly with our human psychological condition. Check it out on Amazon by clicking the image.

Time to burn for me means firstly a good book, and secondly, some coffee. I pulled out my Yelp app to see what was nearby. The first place to pop up, not 100 ft from where I stood was Bluebird Coffee, boasting nearly five stars. I remembered it as the quaint place that I’ve driven by while motioning to Jacquie ‘Oooh there, ooh there.’ So, today I  bring you ‘Bluebird Coffee’ at 261 Dalhousie st. Ottawa, Canada.

From their website, Bluebird Coffee describes itself as “a micro roaster based in the heart of the Byward Market in Ottawa, ON.” For Sunday at noon-ish, the coffee shop is almost full, but has that empty ‘don’t make noise, but relax here vibe’. I ordered my standard Caffè Latte. The more comfortable seats were in use, so I pulled up a bar seat closer to the front window. This gave me the opportunity to drink in the passers by as I enjoyed the fleeting moments of Summer on this Sunday afternoon. The Latte was rich and frothy. A definite win. The beans are roasted on site, giving you a fresh brew. If you want some to go, Bluebird also sells bags of freshly roasted coffee to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. If you are in the Ottawa area, I urge you to check out this quaint micro coffee roasting house.

-Happy Globetrotting