The Best Travel Headphones | What’s In Our Travel Bag?

If you came here to find what the best travel headphones are for all prices, and for all people, let me manage your expectations. If you listen to mostly audiobooks you are going to want a different style of headphones rather than euro-trance electronic music. There really is no perfect pair headphone for all situations and all sorts of media. What we want to talk about is why we feel earbuds are best travel headphones. The best kinds of earbuds are the ones which you can use in all the environments you plan on going to and that aren’t going to put you in the poor house. Let us be your guide you for when need an inexpensive pair of replacement headphones while you’re on the road, stuck in the airport between flights or when you’ve just realized your headphones fell out of your jacket pocket on the taxi ride over here.

When we are choosing the best headphone substitute we want to keep in mind that we want the headphones to give us not only the best sound but to fit comfortably in our ears, but also not break our budget. These headphones should hold us over until we can find our main pair, or replace our main pair in the future.

Our friends over at The Verge, our go to technology culture news site has put together a great product review series called ‘This Is My Next.” In episode 12, they cover ‘The Best Headphone’s Under $50″ This review will serve us well. Watch it below:


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Panasonic RPTCM125K Headphones

Panasonic TCM125

Sony MDR-XB50AP/B Extra Bass Earbud Headset

Sony MDR-XB50

Yurbuds Inspire 400





I love travelling with over the ear noise cancelling over the ear headphones, especially when I fly. I’ll only pack them when I know I am going to be going a short trip and will only wearing them only for the flight. Travel headphones need to be a bit more dynamic than just being used during transportation. A pair of earbud headphones are much better suited for the different environments you might find yourself in. When you are going to be doing some walking you might want to be able to listen to that Globetrotter Travel Tips Podcast episode you’ve been dying to hear….or maybe a walking tour. Perhaps you’d want some relaxing music as you  stroll through Central Park, or even a more intimate phone conversation via headset while you catch the train. Earbuds are much more durable and you can wrap them up, stick them in your pocket, and be done with it.

I love over the ear headphones for environments that are already isolated and we are relaxing in like a train car or airplane. It is important to be conscious of the issues of being totally isolated from our environment with music. We don’t want to make ourselves larger targets for people who might try to take advantage of us.

What is your experience for using headphones while travelling? Leave a comment below!

– Happy Globetrotting