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Best Spots In America For Sports Fans

After five years of anticipation, the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight finally happened. This so-called ‘Fight of the Century’ is all over the news and social media. Regardless of whom you betted on, the event proved that America is the Mecca of sports. Many major cities in the United States are the venue of big sporting events that attract thousands of crowds from around the world. If you are a sport enthusiast yourself, then below are five of the best spots in America for sports fans that you should visit.


Pic 1.1Las Vegas, Nevada

The recently concluded Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is just one of the legendary boxing matches that happened in Las Vegas. Aside from boxing, this city is the go-to if you love martial arts sports because several tournaments in wresting and mixed martial arts are held here frequently. For instance, on May 5 to 9, the 2015 Open Wrestling Championships will be held at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa Pic 1.2located at Las Vegas Boulevard.




Los Angeles, California

The city has a franchise to many of the sports organizations, except for the NFL. Aside from the fact that many of the most significant sport events of the year are held here, such as the LA Lakers and LA Clippers Men’s Basketball and LA Kings Ice Hockey at the Staples Center, Los Angeles is also home to many of the most famous athletes Pic 2.1today. Some of them are Pau Gasol, Clayton Kershaw, Kobe Bryant (Newport Beach), and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. who has a mansion in LA. On July 25 to August 2, the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games will be hosted here.



Boston, MassachusettsPic 3.1

The city’s teams on all major leagues have enjoyed great success in their respective games. The Red Sox alone is enough to make sports fans flock into this city. One of the points of interest in Boston is the Fenway Park, which is the oldest baseball stadium in the US. This city’s achievements in sports is something that other cities could barely rival.


New York City, State of New YorkPic 4.1

Pic 4.2Regardless of what sport you prefer, you will have a great time in the Big Apple. The city’s National Sports Museum shows how passionate New Yorkers are about sports. New York City has more teams than other cities with a total of nine franchises from the four major leagues because they have more than one team in each league. NYC’s sports event calendar is quite busy throughout the year, including the NYC Mayor’s Cup in June and the Gotham Girls Roller Derby Championship Bout on the 29th of August.



Dallas, TexasPic 5.1

This city’s basketball and football team are considered one of the best in their respective league. The new domed stadium is popular not only as the home of Dallas Cowboys, but also as the largest of its kind in the world. If you love golf, you will surely have a great time because there are several indoor golf courses in the city of Dallas.

There are many other cities in America that you should visit if you want to see the best in sports. However, you should start with any of the five mentioned above. It is in these cities that some of the most historic games were held. Who knows, visiting these cities in the near future would mean becoming part of sporting history.

-Happy Globetrotting