Best New Travel Apps for 2015

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When you travel for leisure, you want to stay as close to your planned budget. When you travel for business, you want to always keep track of your activities and not run out of time for important matters. When you travel for both business and leisure, you want to be as organized as possible. Well, it is good to know there are new travel apps that can help you stay on budget, on time, and be organized. Below are some of them:



Stay on Budget with this New Travel Apps

Enjoy the perks of travelling while keeping the cost in control. Live life and explore the world without spending too much! Make new memories while keeping your pocket and bank account intact. What you need is a sense of adventure and these awesome travel apps:

  • Hotel Tonight. Same day booking could eat out your entire budget. But not with the Hotel Tonight App. Usable in both Android andApp3 IOS phones, you are few clicks away from the cheapest hotel option. It displays not just the accommodation cost but the hotel amenities as well. You can book for tonight or 7 days ahead. Tap its Why We Like It section and find out customer reviews.
  • Trail Wallet. The app ensures “less tracking, more travelling”. It’s your placebo to budgeting-induced headache. Your first 25 items on the app is free and sufficient enough to trace your expenses when you are out travelling. Plus, it has its own alarm system- it tells you when you are overspending and commends you with a reassurance tweet when you’re under the budget.

New Travel Apps that Helps You Keep Track of Time

Time is a luxury no one can ever afford. In these fast-paced days, it’s seems easy to lose a day not doing any. Be more productive and make every second count. Plan your day and never miss an appointment using these applications:

  • Evernote. It’s the modern- day must- have. The App is a master in note-taking, bookmarking, reference material depot and time- planning. You can make a daily to-do list, a meeting checklist and set appointments. You can even attach important notes or files in the note. This app elephant can work on your tablet, phone or a computer. One log-in access is all you need to sync your account.


  • Mynd Calendar. This is no ordinary calendar for your iPhone. Aside from showing the date and keeping your appointment log, Mynd Calendar is a mindful organizer. It focuses in both appointment- setting and task management. At a glance, it shows tiles of what’s next, what the weather is, who you’ll meet up with, and where you’ll be going today. You can send your contacts an invite, too.
  • WeatherPro. Know the right time to travel. WeatherPro keeps you on tab on the weather. Like the usual sort, it gives you details on humidity, rain, snow, precipitation, and sun shine. But unlike others, it tells you the extras such as dewpoint, pressure, wind speed and direction and the important “feels like” temperature for a span of a day to a week.


Be Organized!

All work and no play will make the boss grumpy. Why not have both at the same time? Yes, business and pleasure can both come together- as long as you have very good organization skills and very efficient phone applications. These travel apps make it possible:

  • Around Me. AroundMe is an app for you to know what’s around you. Using your device’ GPS, trace the nearest restaurant, the popular tourist spot around the corner or your meeting’s venue. It’s more specific than the usual google map that you can find almost everything- from bars to gas stations and ATM locations. AroundME’s interface is clean, simple and user-friendly.
  • TripIt. A real travel secretary, TripIt organizes and summarizes your travel information. From your airline flight numbers, your hotelApp5 reference numbers and address to your car rental confirmation ticket, the app is your one-stop storage of all the things to know when travelling. Download the app in your Iphone or Android phone, forward your travel emails to and it knows what to do next.
  • TripCase. TripIt’s competitior, TripCase is the best option for those in budget. While the former costs $49 per year, the latter is FREE. Yes, you read it right. With the same remarkable ability of organizing your travel itineraries, TripCase has a better interface and gives you real- time flight alerts such as delays or gate changes, a feature that TripIt only offers when it’s premium.