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Aifur Viking Bar: Live Like a Viking in Stockholm

So, you’re sitting there watching Game of Thrones, and you start thinking.. I wonder if there are any REAL places like that. Well, there is! If you find yourself in Stockholm, Sweden, a city with eight Michelin star restaurants, or still planning to go there then make dining at the Aifur Viking Bar the first on your to-do list. I first learned about this bar while watching a YouTube video from some of my favourite people living in Korea, the Eat Your Kimchi crew, and fell in love with this bar.

Brief History of the VikingsAifur 1

The Vikings were Germanic Norse seafarers. From the 8th until the 11th centuries, these people raided and traded from Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) across central and northern Europe. From Europe, they explored North Atlantic, North and South Africa, and even the Middle East.

There were three classes of Vikings, but all of them took pride of their diverse yet rich and unique cuisine. When preparing their dish, they made use of different ingredients and herbs, meat products, and seafood of all kinds. After finishing the main course, they always had beer or bjorr (a strong fruit wine) for everyone.

Aifur 2About the Aifur Viking Bar

The interesting and surely delectable cuisine of the Vikings became the inspiration of Aifur Viking Bar in Stockholm, Sweden. According to their homepage, they are “Sweden’s first and only restaurant with a total focus on the gastronomic heritage from the Viking Age.”   The minds behind Aifur are all committed to offer relaxing music, display elegant interior décors (exact replicas of equipment used by the Vikings), and most of all, serve sumptuous food to every guest who visit their cozy bar and restaurant. Being in Aifur Viking Bar means pampering your ears with lovely music along with meeting new people with interesting culture. And of course, it also means enjoying every bite of original Viking dishes.

The Menu

Some of the ‘unique’ main courses in the restaurant are Varangian’s roasted dwarf chicken, Tore Hjort’s tenderloin, Halvdans flap steak, and lamb racks Dereson. And just like other restaurants, before the main dish are appetizers and after are desserts. Two of its appetizers are Lans aux Meadow’s mead and cream boiled mussels, an Aifur classic, and Aifur 3Grebysoup with Bautabread. Its desserts, on the other hand, include Cake Ansgar and Mead Truffles, Aifur’s best seller.

According to reviews, visiting Aifur Viking Bar is a whole new dining experience. In fact, one of their staffs will welcome you at the entrance; and if you are a foreigner, you will be introduced to the crowd.

This Krog and Bar, which can comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests, is conveniently located in Västerlånggatan 68B, 111 29 Stockholm. It opens Mondays through Thurdays from 5 PM to 11 PM, Fridays and Saturdays from 5 PM to 11 PM, and closes every Sunday.   What are you waiting for? Fara i viking (go to an expedition), experience Aifur Viking Bar today!

-Happy Globetrotting