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10 Helpful Travel Hacks for Women

Men and women differ in a lot of ways; traveling, for one. According to a study, women pack their luggage first while men find booking a hotel more important. In our previous posts, we already have tackled about how to pack a suitcase and how to pack a carry-on bag. Now, we will talk about some travel hacks that will surely make the trip of ‘female travelers’ a little more enjoyable and their bags, a little less heavy! Here are 10 Helpful Travel Hacks for Women:

#1 Place a cotton ball on top of powdered make-ups to prevent them from breaking.Hack 1

You know how fragile make-ups are. And you know how frustrating it is to see that they’re broken, especially if they are new.



#2 Use a pot holder as a case for your flat or curling iron.Hack 2

Not all women know how to cook; but all surely have pot holders at home.



#3 Use old contact lens cases to store Hack 3liquid make-up.

In the United States alone, over 30 million people wear contact lenses. Two-thirds of this population are women. If you are one of these women, you know the drill!



#4 Use eye glass cases to store girly stuff.Hack 4

They can also be used to keep chargers and anything with wire neatly.



#5 Protect your digital camera by placing it inside a soap case.Hack 5

In 2014, a survey reported that more women take ‘selfie’ than men. However, January of this year, another survey finds men are twice as likely to take ‘selfies’ as compared to its opposite sex. Well, whichever study is true, what’s important is to have a working camera when you are ready to take that shot.



#6 Prevent jewelries from tangling; use a daily pill organizer.Hack 6



#7 Cover the bottom of your shoes by using old shower caps.Hack 7

Ladies are undeniably a shoe-lover. In fact, some ladies bring more than three pairs of shoes when traveling.



#8 Bobby pins and hair pins all over your pouch? Use an empty Tic Tac case.Hack 8




#9 Print boarding pass at home.Hack 9

A number of women rush to the check-in counter, almost late for their flight. In order to check-in faster, print your boarding pass at home at least 24 hours before your flight or get it from the airline’s mobile app.



#10 Bring a hoodie.Hack 10

A jacket can be transformed into an instant pillow. It could be your best stress-reliever after a long international flight.


-Happy Globetrotting